FREE SHIPPING to Canada and USA on orders over $50 CAD Over 10 NEW Lash Styles and restocked on your favourites!

FREE SHIPPING to US and Canada On orders over $50 CAD Over 10 NEW Lash Styles!

Our Story...

About Marque Lashes . How we started . What we do . Meet our team!

In 2020…

after continuously getting lash extensions, my eyes began to have an allergic reaction to the products used. After this, I decided to take a rest from extensions and stumbled upon the DIY at home extension kits. As these continued to grow in popularity, I tried a multitude of brands, each of them having their pros and cons, and ultimately found one that matched my needs and concerns. Unfortunately, the prices for shipping skyrocketed and it became more difficult to upkeep my lashes. That is why we chose to start our own brand. A local, asian, women led frontier, ready to provide you with all your lash needs. Our brand highlights the fun, versatile use of lash bands that you can use to customize to your own look.

Anna & Jennifer


Anna - Research & Development

Having experience starting my own YouTube channel and other businesses in the past, I'm responsible for our product research and all of Marque Lashes' social media presence. I continuously search for opportunities to learn new production values since I'm self-taught in photography, videography, processing, and editing. I aspire to portray this brand in the same sense our products help people achieve their desired look. Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Luma Fusion are some of the applications I use to create on our social media platforms.

Jennifer - Sales & Marketing

The retail industry is my expertise, and I have worked in almost every position. I understand what it takes to move a product to the correct audience because I am passionate about creative marketing strategies. I've always been interested in the beauty industry, so I'm very excited about the future of this brand. My responsibilities include developing, implementing, and executing strategic marketing plans to attract potential customers and retain existing ones. Although I'm proud of the brand we've created so far, my biggest accomplishment was raising my four extraordinary boys as a single mother.

Myles - Web Developer

I might not know much about lashes, but I'm learning more about them as I work behind the scenes. My responsibilities include frontend and backend development of the brand's website, payment systems and databases. With extensive knowledge of PHP, CSS, and MySQL, along with experience in SEO, I work with Anna and Jennifer about where we want to take the brand on the digital front.

Only the Best

Our Product

Marque Lashes advocates the technique of applying the product under your actual lashes. Our product provides the freedom and creativity to achieve your desired look in the comfort of your own home. All of our lashes and adhesives are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. You’ll notice that our lash ribbons give you enough material to experiment with, and we encourage mixing styles as the possibilities are endless!