FREE SHIPPING to Canada and USA on orders over $50 CAD Over 10 NEW Lash Styles and restocked on your favourites!

FREE SHIPPING to US and Canada On orders over $50 CAD Over 10 NEW Lash Styles!

Oceane Style for the Ocean

We hope to do our part in saving the world’s oceans, so what better way to do it than using our very own Oceane lash style? After careful research on several non-profit organizations dedicated to cleaning up our oceans, we have decided to support Oceana Canada. Since 2015, they have actively cleaned the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans and rebuilt fish populations. Most importantly, they represent Canada and believe it is our obligation as Canadians to participate in the worldwide mission for cleaner oceans. It is important for the wildlife living in the waters, for the ecosystem as a whole, and for us who rely on them whether we know it or not.

Our Oceane lash style is 60% off from now until June 11th EXTENDED UNTIL JUNE 16 11:59 PM! We are having this sale to bring awareness to the cause during World Ocean Day which lands on June 8, 2024. All proceeds from sales of the Oceane lash style will be donated to Oceana Canada.