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Marque Lash Starter Collection I

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Marque Lash Ribbon
Pick which lash ribbon style you would like to add to your collection.
Marque Lash Bond
Marque Lash Sealer
Marque Lash Remover
Marque Applicator
Marque Scissors
Marque Lash Mat
Marque Lash Mat Case
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This Marque Lash Starter Collection includes everything you need to achieve the look you desire!
The collection includes:

  • 1x Marque Lash Box of your choice
  • 1x Bond
  • 1x Sealer
  • 1x Remover
  • 1x Marque Applicator
  • 1x Marque Scissors
  • 1x Lash Mat
  • 1x Lash Mat Case

Additional information

Weight0.65 g
Dimensions25 × 15 × 2 cm


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